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    Post an anime or character name

  2. Michelle

    Boys vs Girls

  3. Michelle

    Three word game

    and started talking
  4. Michelle

    Corrupt a wish game

    granted but it's all you have today I wish i can sleep
  5. Michelle

    When was the last time....

    today ate potatoes
  6. Michelle

    Change that word!

  7. Michelle

    [Game] SK - League of Legends Mafia Game Thread!!! The War Has Begun!!!

    Serial killer is on his own. He doesn't know who mafia is and he wants to win the game by being the last alive. He sometimes cannot be killed by mafia, he can just be lynched
  8. Michelle

    [Discussion] Can someone help me find this

    Why don't you ask at Wiki?
  9. Michelle

    [Game] SK - League of Legends Mafia Game Thread!!! The War Has Begun!!!

    Some thoughts and the votes until now About Alice in Noodleland, a last sentence: she wanted to vote Finalbeta to tie the votes, that doesn't prove Finalbeta non mafia. i hope i understood correct wolf=mafia scum is any anti town serial killer or indie is a third part who also wants mafia...
  10. Michelle

    Hynata Hyuuga's first spar

    At the border of his village a small slope descend to a small lake, with lush vegetation. The view over the lake is breath taking with the sunset mirored in the lake with orange yellowish colours. But she's ignoring all because she have to be concentrated at the chakra she sensed coming in her...
  11. Michelle

    Boys vs Girls

  12. Michelle

    [Discussion] Can someone help me find this

    all I rememeber about Shanks' scars was that he mentioned them in his convo with WB. I reread this summer the manga too
  13. Michelle


    Welcome and have fun!
  14. Michelle

    [NW] Hynata Hyuuga biography

    I will put my chakra in good use ^^
  15. Michelle

    [NW] Hynata Hyuuga biography

    Thank you *puts the :bandeauxbyowumarobj1:*
  16. Michelle

    [Predictions] The Ruler Of The Land Manhwa Chapter 491 to 505

    Yes, him. Well i'll check it then
  17. Michelle

    [NW] Hynata Hyuuga biography

    I started at genin rank because i won in the Advent calendar contest. I agree with training for the Gentle fist, i'll ask my sensei.
  18. Michelle

    [Game] SK - League of Legends Mafia Game Thread!!! The War Has Begun!!!

    I said all the DP2 that i'll unvote 6th because my suspicions on him are low and I waited to see a reaction from Finalbeta who posted something not convincing hence i voted him. :pick: My only worry atm is that if a post was deleted in this thread the only one who could delete it is the one who...
  19. Michelle

    [NW] Hynata Hyuuga biography

    Yes. If i have to add or remove things please tell me
  20. Michelle

    What were your favorite akatsuki duos

    Itachi and Kisame :super:
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