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    [Theory] Power up for zoro?

    Zoro's next power up will be Black Blade (unless Oda is saving this for his fight against Mihawk) but anyway Zoro hasn't even fought seriously for us to judge him so we cant make assumptions without knowing his limits.
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    [Question] Question about one piece (warning spoilers )

    So is this where your Mingo wank started?
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    Proof Sabo is alive

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    [Discussion] All Yonko Top 4 members

    Its legit Some are saying that the figure is the Ace of the Beast Pirates. Some say that is carrot because it looks like a rabbit (remember that there is a traitor among the alliance?) WB and BM had 4 top...
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    [Discussion] All Yonko Top 4 members

    Have you seen this? Oda redrew the panel and included a figure next to queen
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    [Discussion] All Yonko Top 4 members

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    [Discussion] where do you rate prime Grandpa Hyou ?

    Who the hell is Captain King? Idiot... Kaido does not have captains you fool. He has All Stars, Flying Six and Headliners etc.
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    [Predictions] When the elbaf arc comes

    Elbaf is under Shank's protection. Luffy will reunite Shanks and the RHP. Usopp will finally meet Yasopp.
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    [Question] If there is really an Elbaf arc, what would be the problems in the country ?

    No Luffy offered her treasure to compensate the candy that he ate. He then said that he'll take Fishman Island after he defeats her. Shanks is really questionable to be honest so its difficult to make predictions about him.
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    [Question] If there is really an Elbaf arc, what would be the problems in the country ?

    Nah I think BM still owns it. Btw I was thinking that what if Shanks protects Elbaf? He is the only Yonko that doesn't have a major country/island under his name so Elbaf could be the place where Luffy and Shanks reunite.
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    [Question] If there is really an Elbaf arc, what would be the problems in the country ?

    I think by now Luffy needs to "own" a territory and I think elbaf could be it. He cant be the 5th emperor without owning an island lol
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    [Discussion] Queens Dino color

    It will probably be green like Drake but ever since WCI arc Oda has been going crazy with the color schemes so I wouldn't be surprised if Queen's brachio is orange lol And speaking of the Calamities, any guesses on what King's hybrid will look like? I'm picturing a black birdman but with 4...
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 948 Discussion and 949 Predictions

    I'm still pissed that King isn't a mythical.
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    [Discussion] One Piece Anime Wano Arc

    Not that I'm complaining but the new opening revealed a lot! I cant believe they showed Kaido's dragon form! And they even showed King and Queen! And even RS Sanji! It seems that the animators just assume that everyone is caught up with the manga (r.i.p anime only fans) The most important...
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    [Discussion] Do you like your birth name?

    Do you wish you could change it?
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 948 Discussion and 949 Predictions

    Queen>Katakuri confirmed! (high diff fight though...probably) Queen has the strength, durability, the zoan healing and he has weapons that can fire diseases! What is the Kuri going to do? He can only evade Queen's attacks for so long until his Haki runs out and then Queen proceeds to smash him...
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    [Discussion] How to get over your crush?

    :penguin: :penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin::penguin:
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    [Question] Who would you rather be stuck in a room with for eight hours?

    What was the name of that gun girl in Doffy's crew? The one that likes to be needed and will do anything to feel needed? I wouldn't mind being in a room with her ;)
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 947 Discussion and 948 Predictions

    Good chapter! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!
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    [Discussion] One Piece invasion

    I want to see how Deadpool would interact with Big Mom and her crew.