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  1. Marimo

    How old is everyone now?

    I have been away from nb for a quite a while. Just wondering what people here are generally aged now. I joined when I was 15. Now I'm about to turn 20 (aka an old hag). What about you guys? I bet y'all are a bunch of 40 year old creepos on their destops. xD
  2. Marimo

    [Avatar] Overdone Premuim Avatars

    Although I'm inactive as a GFXer, I have been occasionally taking out time for avatars on request. Not up for grabs. CnC is welcome and highly appreciated. (And yes they are over-sharpened lol)
  3. Marimo

    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? [Thread migration #1]

    Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?
  4. Marimo

    [Photoshop] Gift for someone

    What do you think. CnC? Let me know if I should make any changes.
  5. Marimo

    [Photoshop] Ulquiorra - Sig

    Completely forgot about text, but I'm too lazy to add one anyway :L I'm not really good with c4ds but I do see improvement. CnC is appreciated [:
  6. Marimo

    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? [Thread migration #1]

    Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? Fy7sKVyOmZo
  7. Marimo

    [Photoshop] Smudge tag

    Done as a request. First time doing a smudge tag with a render and my second smudge tag that I ever managed to finish :I CnC will be nice.
  8. Marimo

    [Photoshop] Bunnays :3

    So I made a siggy for a adorable friend of mine :3 Before someone points it out, the text is misspelled on purpose. ^ Click image to view the render used. The render was provided, I didn't choose it. I swear I didn't even touch the sharpen tool :I The actual canvas size to this thing was 1000...
  9. Marimo

    [Photoshop] I'm back :'D

    I've been on a gfx-ing hiatus for quite very long while and now I'm back to gfx-ing :3 Forgot how to do a lot of stuff in PS <_> It's a bit different I know. Let me what you guys think. And CnC maybe? :3
  10. Marimo

    [Photoshop] 5 More Premium Avatars

    A few Avatars of mine from last month ~ Not up for grabs Please comment as you go, CnC is appreciated (: Dang knew it i shouldn't make a thread this time of the day xD
  11. Marimo

    5 Premium Avatars

    Only some are recent. All were requests. Enjoy [: You're not allowed to take them. CnC is appreciated~
  12. Marimo

    [Photoshop] 9 Regular avatars

    Mixture of good and bad :L Some of them are extremely old o__o A few of them lack contrast ~_~ CnC is appreciated. They are free to take [apart from the ones in the middle row] as long as you're willing to credit me for them.
  13. Marimo

    [Photoshop] Back to Back Avatars

    Mixture of old and recent. If you are interested in seeing the stock/render used for the avatar just click the respective image. CnC if you may (:
  14. Marimo


    I got bored so I made this, first tag a very long while. ಠ_ಠ I know it could use some adjustments but I'm too lazy to make them. As far as I recall I didn't use any resources. CnC please :3
  15. Marimo


    Made a siggy about 2 months ago on 26/12/12 Since I cancelled my end of 1st gfx year tag wall for this, I thought I had to post it xD So here goes... I guess some people already know what this was made for :L CnC anyone?(= I will give you cookies if you post ಠ_ಠ
  16. Marimo

    [Photoshop] `Vector tag

    [EDIT] Version 2: Very slightly better quality of the sig imo. I could've improved it better but I don't really care as I don't have the time + I'm lazy :L Did it as a request. Rushed it out. Looks rather plain and empty but I'm kinda satisfied with it since I wanted to keep it a bit...
  17. Marimo

    [Photoshop] Another smudge thread :L

    Since I saw too many smudge tags around design hall, I was tempted make one myself xd Ths is in a way my first smudge tag. I tried to smudge a few times way back but there was no outcome.The tag seems a bit basic :I I still have a long way to go in this field OTL CnC away (: Just one thing...
  18. Marimo

    [Photoshop] `Simplicity

    I made myself an avatar then I made something to go with the avatar. It's a small sized tag/signature. Made it from scrap so I can finally say: no resources were used that day :'D The signature The avatar `Cnc away :3
  19. Marimo

    Gangnam Style reaches 1 billion views!

    It just reached 1 billion views right before my eyes. Well we know now what was supposed to happen on December 21st 2012 xd Enjoy! :L
  20. Marimo

    `Hidden desires 欲望

    First vertical tag xD Made as a prize for 500th poster of the shop :3 I promised the poster an avatar too xD Though it isn't in harmony with the siggy ._. CnC if you may (: