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  1. Tantalus Thief

    History/Meaning behind your username

    Tantalus Thief-Back in summer 2015 I got premmy for a while. Decided to change my name based on Final Fantasy characters. Tantalus Thief is based on Zidane from FF9, I wanted to do a name for Tidus of FFX but I was too lazy. I've kept it because I like how unique it sounds. OG Username was...
  2. Tantalus Thief

    How has your posting style changed since your early NB career or in general

    Back in spring/summer 2014 I think I used to be more aggressive mainly because I wanted to imitate the funny posts people made when I was stalking NB. My wording has also improved, I think.
  3. Tantalus Thief

    Esdeath avatar request

    Can anyone please make a 150 x 200 avatar of Esdeath from this picture. Attempts are appreciated and I'd prefer a border if possible.
  4. Tantalus Thief

    [Discussion] Volume 74 cover. Kubo's trolling knows no bounds LOL

    that kubo trolls until the bitter end.
  5. Tantalus Thief

    [Discussion] Favorite of the anime openings, ednings and character songs

    Opening HXH 1999 opening 1 Ending Hyori ittai Character song 1/13 by Chrollo's voice actor
  6. Tantalus Thief

    [Spoilers] Akame ga kill 76 raws

    It's in chinese or something and beware spoilers ahead...
  7. Tantalus Thief

    border request

    can anyone make a dotted border for this
  8. Tantalus Thief

    [Suiton] with Luther

    On the grass in front of the water soldier, he waits for his master.
  9. Tantalus Thief

    [Tai] Taijutsu with Omega

    In the dojo. The heroic Soldier sits down and awaits his master.
  10. Tantalus Thief

    can anyone make renders out of these pics

    I have some images and I'd like for the characters only to remain. So remove any backgrounds please and make the backgrounds transparent. Thanks in advance.
  11. Tantalus Thief

    [Doton] with Klad

    In the rocky terrains. The old soldier awaits his master.
  12. Tantalus Thief

    [Katon] with Imperfect

    Soldier: 76 patiently waits for his senpai to teach him katon.
  13. Tantalus Thief

    [Raiton] Raiton with Drackos

    -The lone Solider: 76 waits in the open fields of grass for senpai to train him.
  14. Tantalus Thief

    [Approved] Solider 76

    Basic Information Name: Soldier: 76/Jack Morrison Nickname: Gender: Male Age: 55 Clan: Looks: Soldier 76 has the appearance of a heavily aged caucasian male. His hair is white and wrinkles are visible on his forehead. His times in the military has also left a scar on his forehead. Soldier...
  15. Tantalus Thief

    Rappers most people bump with but you don't like

    Like the title says. I'd prefer if you didn't say Drake because I know a lot of people dislike him already. It's fine to dislike him but I'd like to see other opinions. For me it's Future. I just can't feel a lot of his songs. I just can't f**k with a lot of his shit
  16. Tantalus Thief

    How Future raps be like parody

    This was funny and highly accurate. See if you can understand what he is saying without CC.
  17. Tantalus Thief

    Who else wanted to see this Naruto and Sasuke fight?

    Remember ch. 364's cover. Some of you guys may have not been following the Naruto manga back then but the picture is pretty iconic. I've seen it a lot. In the chapter cover we see Shippuden Naruto/Sasuke in Kyuubi cloak/CS2 respectively.
  18. Tantalus Thief

    When did you realize Tobi was Obito?

    I was talking to a member on NF who has been there since 2004!! He said people theorized he was Obito since the spoilers of his first appearance and his offical debut in ch.280 :lol. The clues were the placement of Tobi's eyehole, hair and personality I didn't know until ch. 599. I started...
  19. Tantalus Thief

    Do you think Meruem will get topped

    Like the title says. Now that the DC is gonna get explored, do you think there will be a creature to top the Ant King?
  20. Tantalus Thief

    Where is the :lmao: emote from

    This emote: It reminds me of a King of Fighters character that I can't put my finger on.