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  1. ShaneEyyy

    What happened?

    This change is awful. The old Naruto Base was fantastic! Who even uses this site anymore?
  2. ShaneEyyy

    What happened?

    I haven't been on in years, but decided to check in today. What happened to Narutobase? Now it's animebase, someone mind giving me a rundown?
  3. ShaneEyyy

    Anyone watching the anime?

    Is anyone watching the English Dubbed Shippuden? How is it quality wise like good animation and including majority of manga or really subpar? I havent even finished Shippuden yet lol I get tired of the manga personally because I find the anime more entertaining and was waiting until Shippuden...
  4. ShaneEyyy

    Animation sucks in Shippuden?

    I think the quality of animation deteriorated as Shippuden went on. You can see in episode 265 http://ww7.*********.io/dubbed/view/naruto-shippuden-episode-265-3-eng-dubbed at 5:03 that Zabuza in a flashback has edo tensei eyes which are obviously supposed to be normal eyes as the flashback was...
  5. ShaneEyyy

    Funny animals to call people?

    I think leech, snake, weasel, worm, and vulture are funny animals to call people. Does anyone else have an animal that is funny to call someone? Rat maybe? Thoughts below
  6. ShaneEyyy

    Naruto Shippuden Anime over?

    Is Shippuden anime over yet? I actually still haven't finished the original manga as I was hoping on finishing the story by watching the anime for it. Has the anime covered all of canon manga and completed the story or is the filler still going?
  7. ShaneEyyy

    Vote the best two

    Here are three Elvis songs Too Much: Wear My Ring Around Your Neck: (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I: Please vote for the best two! You don't have to listen...
  8. ShaneEyyy

    Please help! Show your smarts

    Math question: Suppose the half-size of uranium is 70 years. a. What is its decay rate? b. How long would it take 50 grams to decay to 30? Please help if you know this question has been stumping my math group for an hour now.
  9. ShaneEyyy

    Original members?

    Man it's been a while! Anyone remember me? Where are all the original members at!? DrProof, Zexion, Icelerate......
  10. ShaneEyyy

    Do people hate this?

    I think everyone can say that they can't stand when people don't reply to their texts. It's just annoying, right? Well here's what I'm wondering, when you ask your friends on why they didn't reply, does that piss them off or annoy them? Like say you go up to your friend and say "Hey bud I...
  11. ShaneEyyy

    Zabuza vs Kitsuchi

    What's up everyone lol haven't been here in a long time, thought I'd bring back memories to you older members and make another Zabuza thread for 2016. Zabuza wins, why? Because before Kitsuchi uses his sandwich technique Zabuza takes him out with Water Clone feints. Kitsuchi could use an earth...
  12. ShaneEyyy

    Someone please reply ASAP

    Can someone please search on google "Software Removal Tool" for Chrome and please copy and paste the link here? I recently got a virus that is affecting my chrome and I need to use that software to get rid of the virus. I did this before but now my google search engine isnt working and i cant...
  13. ShaneEyyy

    At what age should you pay for your own haircut?

    Hey so I was wondering at what age you guys think you should pay for your own haircut? Or like in what situation like if you have a job or still in high school, etc. Thoughts?
  14. ShaneEyyy

    Am I a good looking guy?

    I'm assuming most of the members on this site are guys, but even as a straight guy, you can say whether a guy is a good looking dude or not. Like, Zach Efron, I mean you know he's a good looking guy lol it's not gay or anything. You can't say "oh he's cute" but my main point is that you can say...
  15. ShaneEyyy

    Do any of the main guys still go on the site?

    Anyone who has been here for at least a year still go on this site? I don't even have time anymore and haven't even had time to finish reading the manga lol I'm like 70 chapters behind How's everyone doin? It's the Zabuza fanboy here lol (but to be honest I don't really care for him anymore)
  16. ShaneEyyy

    What sports do you want to be good at?

    Title says it all, just a general wondering Like there's sports like lacrosse, wrestling, golf, badmintion, do you care for sports like this? Or you care more about mainstream sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc? What sports do you think are worth being good at? Like I...
  17. ShaneEyyy


    What's a funny way to describe senior year in 5 words? For example: #SeniorYearIn5Words Fart jokes are still funny Thoughts??
  18. ShaneEyyy

    What's your favorite Elvis song?

    What's your favorite Elvis song? Just a general wondering, I like seeing people's opinions on his best songs. Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, Blue Christmas, It's Now or Never, Return to Sender, Can't Help Falling in Love, Suspicious Minds, In the Ghetto, etc. So many songs. What Elvis song is your...
  19. ShaneEyyy

    Please pick

    Both songs are by Elvis Presley. PLEASE VOTE which song you like better. Both songs are rather short btw 1st song - Too Much 2nd song - I Feel So Bad Guys you don't even have to listen to the full song...
  20. ShaneEyyy

    Please give your opinion!

    Both songs are by Elvis Presley. PLEASE VOTE which song you like better. Both songs are rather short btw 1st song - Too Much 2nd song - I Feel So Bad Guys you don't even have to listen to the full song...