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    Hello... Its been awhile.

    Well good people of NB. It has been 5 year since I made this account. One very great thing has come out of it. I'm feeling really nostalgic for some reason. So with that being said, lets hear so mother f-ing stories god dammit! Lol. Also if you know me, thats pretty cool *full of myself*. Whats...
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    My Return??? O.O

    It has been forever since i've been on NB. Now that the Manga is finally over I thought it was about time I drop in. So hey to everyone from my Gen of NB I can honestly say we had a really fun time in our noob days, and also to all the newer members of NB I hope all of you enjoy the site as much...
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    Depite the name here is a place where nightmares are real, and not even in your own mind are you safe... Can you hear the screams? Have fun while you still can ;)
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    [Approved] Lilith Uchiha

    Lilith Uchiha Basic Information Name: Lilith Uchiha Nickname: Abeko, Abito, Amizo, Batna, Eilo, Ita, Izorpo, Kali, Kea, Kokos, Odam, Partasah, Patrota, Podo, Satrin, Talto Gender:Female Age: 21 Clan: Uchiha Looks: Lilith is very beautiful, she is pale as a sheet with long black hair and...
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    Render Please :3

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    Avvy Request XO

    So here are the images Idk what you guys can do with them i'm kinda looking for a mash-up of both if not possible just stick to the image of the girl. Do something creative, one of my only request is that you stay in the hues of red besides that go crazy. Thanks, Vita-til we Overdose...
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    Funny/Cute Cat/Random Animal pics :3

    #1 #2 #3 These all made me feel soft and fuzzy inside, feel free to post any pics that you have found :D
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    The Weeknd...

    So... Does anyone else know who he is or am I alone on this one? lol Just curious. :p
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    Slender Man O.O

    Idk if anyone else has played it, but its a free online horror game. Link- Its one of the most scariest games i've played, and I thought I would share :D
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    Hey i'm new!! ;D

    I'm new to Nb, sooo any pointers ;) lol
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    Missed you guys!

    Well its been quite awhile since Ive been on NB so I thought it would be a good idea to post a new thread and say im back. I missed all of you!! :D<3
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    Video's of NB Members!!!

    I almost died when I saw this... apparently it was made in 2008... but I had to share it with all of you U_U.. it features Nb's one and only HellsBadass enjoy ;) P.S feel free to post any other videos of NB members that you may find lol
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    *Sig Request*

    I dunno if you guys can do anything with this.. but I wanna stay in the black and white theme.. keep it simple but elegant when it comes to effects <3 Text: I want it to say somewhere "til we Overdose" in a pretty script. Price: Anything you want ((be reasonable))
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    ~Avatar request~

    Since the render is black and white I want it to kinda stay in that theme.. to kinda have a old cartoon feel to it so when it comes to effects and stuff say in the gray black and white area you can add a hit of pink if you like but nothing else ;) Size: 150x300 Price: What ever you want (be...
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    *Render Please :)*

    Can you please render Lola :D.. just do the ones you want I appreciate any help :) Thanks :) I will give rep+ :p