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    [Ken] Ouacus

    Sinon walks into the training field, excited for her new training and sits down while waiting for Souji sensei.
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    Avatar Request

    Could somoene please make ma 150x200 avy with his render cx:
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    Avatar Request

    Could someone make me a premium size avatar with this render: Pls x.x
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    [Approved] 朝田詩乃 | Shino Asada v2

    Basic Information Female Age: 16 Clan: Hyuga Looks: Shino has a thin pale blue swaying hair which is casually short but there was a tuft of hair tied up on both sides of her forehead and has indigo coloured eyes. When she is in combat, her wardrobe is a desert coloured military jacket, combat...
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    [Earth] Ouacus

    -waits for sensei- Here is my last earth training thread o.o
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    [Ice] Ouacus

    *waits for Vayne while eating ice cream*
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    [Approved] 怪盗詩音 | Kaito Shion

    Male Age: 21 Clan: Yuki Looks: Kaito has blue hair which reaches past his ears and almost down to his chin. He has fair and pale skin and blue eyes. His outfit consists of a white jacket with blue linings and a little yellow here and there. He wears blue pants, along with blue, white, and...
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    [Open] Spar

    Rei's R&R No Killing/Stealing No customs allowed >_> Terrain: Field with a a lake on its side Short range Only freeform tai and kenjutsu and please try to add some RP into this aside of fighting or it'll get too boring for me >o> Sinon bio in sig (click the blue stars >o>) It's been a while so I...
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    Gilles Mayford

    Basic Information Name: Gilles Mayford Nickname: Gil Gender: Male Age: 16 Clan: N/A Looks: Gilles has black hair which is slightly curly, blue eyes and pale skin. He usually wears a black jacket over a black vest and white shirt with a black tie when on missions, black pants and black shoes...
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    [Genjutsu] Ouacus & Roju

    *waits for LoK with Roju* :3
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    [Ninjutsu] Ouacus

    *waits for vision while eating pie* :3
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    [Water] Ouacus

    *waits for my sempai* :3
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    [CLOSED] Me vs You

    Reis Rules And Regs. No Customs No Killing Or Stealing Terrain: Plain field with a lske Range: Mid Range Sinon in sig, post your bio and I'll go first
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    小南 | Konan

    Basic Information Name: Konan Nickname: God's Angel Gender: Female Age: Thirties Clan: N/A Looks: Konan had blue hair, grey eyes (amber in the anime), lavender eye shadow, and a labret piercing. Konan's eyelashes are shown to be a diagonal line at the bottom corner of her eyes, but in the...
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    [Doton] [Earth] Ouacus

    *Waits for sempai* I have no training in this element at all :3