Roleplay identity: Reincarnation of the God of Darkness (Space), Kira Korotome is the heir to a world renowned weapons manufacturing company.

His father, Gero Korotome, who used to be the "most intelligent man in the world", had been known far and wide as the chief producer of technological advancement. But he and his wife both met their end to a terrorist attack during the United Nations' Peace Conference.

Before that, he was widely known as the "Toy Maker". When he settled down, he lost sight of his career and ended it permanently.

However, the person whom he proclaimed his termination to was none other than the Commander of the United Nations Military Force, Morgan Veers. He changed the company into a technological advancements facility, to further mankind than separate them.

Kira was only 8 years old since the event took place before his very eyes. The vengeful drive of 10 years from his parents' death caused him to redirect the company to designing weaponry, and he as the head.

The final battle occurred between the United Nation and the unknown rebellion, somewhere within the South Eastern Asia continent.

It was during the crowning moment of his latest weapon, "復讐の神" (God of Vengeance), that he realized his father's wishes and aborted the launch.

But then, a strange phenomena occurred on the battlefield that changed the world forever.

Writing, Game designing, and Playing games.
Favorite Character
Kakashi, he may be full of regret, but there's no one in the Naruto world more trustworthy.


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