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    [ Main Plot ] Camp Grounds

    Evelyn wasn't sure how to feel about the crisis that the school had overcome, it wasn't that she didn't care but rather the fact she had no qualms in the tragedy. She had no friends of hers that were killed or much less participated in the critical period of the attack. She, herself was away...
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    [ Main Plot ] Camp Grounds

    Evelyn's eyes grazed calmly across the book that was held by her one hand. Her other being occupied by her cup of hazelnut coffee, her go-to beverage for the morning. She took a meager sip from her drink and let out a delighted sigh, she was at peace. She could finally relax without the worry of...
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    [Discussion] Is it a crime if a drunk man rapes/gropes a woman?

    The actions and beliefs of a small group of women don't define the beliefs and actions of all women. You are generalizing way too much.
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    [Discussion] The women who get raped when they are drunk?

    This is like saying why would you drive a car if you know you can get into a car accident.
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    Custom Jutsu Submission - III

    [Jishaku Ninpou: En Bene Zu] - Magnetic Ninja Art: All Things Must Go Type: Supplementary | Defence Rank: B Rank Range: Short - Long Chakra: 20 Damage: N/A Description: Using their Jiton chakra, the user is able to imbue an inanimate being or object devoid of chakra or something that contains...
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    [LoT] Black Bolt

    Name: Alignment: Alias(es): Secret Identity: Looks: Personality: Rank // History Rank: Origin Type: Origin Story: History: Abilities // Equipment Strength: Intelligence: Speed: Durability: Energy: Technology: Power/Ability: Description of Powers: Equipment: Other...
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    [KG] Magnetism with Vex

    Juri Han waits for her teacher to arrive.
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    [Approved] Kuro Ashi - Sanji

    ♦ BASIC INFORMATION | 基本情報 ♦[/TD] Name: Sanji -------Nickname: Black Leg (Kuro Ashi)------- Gender: Male Age: 23 Clan: Blast Corps [/TR] [/TABLE] ♦ BACKGROUND INFO | 基礎的な情報 ♦HistoryPrologue It was a chilly summer night. The sky was perfectly clear and many thousands of stars shone...
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    [Applications] Mantis Shrimp Summoning Contract

    Summoning Animal: Mantis Shrimp Scroll Owner: Jerìcho Other Users who have signed contract: N/A Summoning Boss if existing: N/A Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: Mantis Shrimp Families: Bathysquilloidea | Gonodactylidae| Odontodactylidae| Protosquillidae | Pseudosquillidae|...
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    [Approved] Juri Han

    Basic Information Name: Juri Han Nickname: Juri of the Magnetism Gender: Female Age: 24 Clan: N/A Looks: Juri wears a purple dudou on her chest supported with eight straps that meet on her back, forming a spider pattern. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights...
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    [Open] Jericho vs ?

    Open Battle Unofficial Mid Range No Customs No Water Source Plain Field I'll be using my Nagato Biography, you can take the first move. :)
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    [ARCHIVE] Custom Jutsu Submission - II

    Re: Custom Jutsu Submission Updating: (Fuuton: Meiden no Fukusō) - Wind Release: Garments of the Maiden Type: Defensive/Supplementary Rank: A Range: Short - Mid Chakra: 30 (-10 per turn) Damage: N/A Description: The user performs two handseals, thus coating their entire body in chakra. At...
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    [Open] Had to remake it since someone deleted it :|

    Rei's Rules and Regulations Unofficial Mid Range Plain Field No stealing Customs Allowed You choose my bio, and I'll make the move. ^^
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    Nagato Uzumaki | V1

    Basic Information Name: Nagato Uzumaki Nickname: Child of the Prophecy Gender: Male Age: 20 Clan: Uzumaki Clan "If you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them. But just because you understand them doesn't mean you can come to an agreement. That's the truth." Looks...
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    [CJ] Finally pulling through

    Waits for his bruh